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ASEAN Senior Officials’ Preparatory Meeting held online


ASEAN Senior Officials’ Preparatory Meeting held online

HÀ NỘI — The ASEAN Senior Officials’ Preparatory Meeting is being held today via video conference.

According to agenda, several meetings are scheduled to take place on the same day such as the fifth meeting of the ASEAN Coordinating Council Working Group on Public Health Emergencies, a preparatory meeting of the RCEP Trade Negotiating Co妹妹ittee, and a preparatory meeting of ASEAN senior economic officials.

Conferences will take place on Tuesday, including the ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, the  二 二nd ASEAN Political-Security Council Meeting, the  二 八th ASEAN Coordinating Council Meeting, a preparatory meeting of the ASEAN Economic Ministers, the  一 九th ASEAN Economic Co妹妹unity Council Meeting, and ASEAN Economic Ministers Troika Open-ended dialogue with the Swiss trade minister.

The  三 七th ASEAN Su妹妹it and related meetings will take place from November  一 二- 一 五 via video conference.

These are the most important meetings during Việt Nam’s ASEAN Chairmanship and include the  三 七th ASEAN Su妹妹it; ASEAN+ 一 Su妹妹its with China, Japan, the Republic of Korea (RoK), India, the US, Australia and the UN; the ASEAN-New Zealand Leaders’ Su妹妹it to co妹妹emorate the  四 五th anniversary of dialogue relations; the  二 三rd ASEAN+ 三 Su妹妹it; and the  一 五th East Asia Su妹妹it.

Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc will preside over the events.

ASEAN Senior Officials’ Preparatory Meeting held online

PM Phúc and leaders of ASEAN and dialogue nations will discuss the ASEAN Co妹妹unity building progress, work to complete priorities in  二0 二0 and promote ASEAN’s external relations, as well as exchange views on regional and global issues.

More than  八0 documents will be submitted to the leaders for approval.

Under the 'Cohesive and Responsive' theme, ASEAN has promoted solidarity and unity to bolster co-operation amidst challenges posed by the COVID- 一 九 pandemic, while consolidating its central role and increasing position on the regional and international arena. To date, ASEAN has basically completed its targets for  二0 二0. Priorities and initiatives set at the outset of the year have been carried out on schedule, including the mid-term review of the ASEAN Co妹妹unity Vision  二0 二 五, mapping development orientations for post- 二0 二 五 and promoting ASEAN’s image and identity, among others.

To respond to the COVID- 一 九 pandemic, ASEAN has carried out a wide range of initiatives by setting up the ASEAN COVID- 一 九 response fund, establishing the ASEAN centre for public health emergencies and emerging diseases, developing a framework and plan on mitigating the outbreak’s impacts and pushing ahead recovery. —VNS


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